hi, it’s me.

Hi, it’s me. Luna. Or Johanna. Or Your Royal Highness. Whatever you wish to call me.

I’ve been around for almost 19 years and most of the time I have spent in the capital of a lovely small country called Estonia. Only 0.017% of the world’s population is lucky enough to call Estonia their home and I happen to be one of them.

(Fun fact, the area of Estonia is actually bigger than Denmark’s or The Netherland’s, we just have a loooot of empty space)

And, like a true Estonian, I love dreaming of living somewhere where it is always nice and warm or in a huge city with millions of people. But deep inside I actually love my country, love my city and I like showing other people that it’s not all cold and boring here.

To my mind, the best way to grow love for your own home is to go on adventures. To see all the places where it is always nice and warm and the huge cities with millions of people. And then come back home. Look around you. Discover things and places you’ve never noticed before. Go on a long walk. Get a coffee from your favourite coffee shop. Watch the sunset from your favourite spot. And fall in love with your hometown all over again.

And I guess this is why I’m here. To take you on an adventure. To infect you with wanderlust. And maybe you’ll go outside and look at your own home from a different point of view.




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