Chiang Rai

Hi! It’s me again.

After a short 1 hour flight on Wednesday, we arrived in the small town of Chiang Rai and grabbed a taxi from the airport to our hostel. The staff here were very friendly and warm from the moment we stepped in. We were given two options for our room – a private double room or a tent. There were a few large tents in one room, each of them had a bed and some free space in it. But since we’re not exactly very social people, we decided to go for the room.

After settling in, we went to look around at the night bazaar, which was just a short walk from the hostel. It was entirely different from the markets in Bangkok – there was a lot of handicrafts for sale, and there was live music on two separate stages. There was also a big food area with a lot of stalls, where we got some pad thai with cashews. We only got one to share at first because I wasn’t that hungry, but since it was very delicious, we still ended up getting another one.

The Night Bazaar

The next morning we rented a scooter for two days. We could rent one straight from the hostel and one day of rental cost 200 baht, which is about 5€. The first place we wanted to go to, was the Khun Korn waterfall. A curvy road surrounded by forests took us to the parking lot of the forest park, and from there it was a 1.4km hike up to the waterfall. Once we got up there, Ken also went for a swim under the waterfall, but I already got soaking wet just by standing next to it. The cold water was very refreshing though, and the hike downhill went very fast and easy.

Khun Korn Waterfall

Our next stop was Wat Rong Khun, also known as the White Temple. This is probably the most famous attraction around Chiang Rai, and I can see why. Not only does it look good on photos, but it is also a unique place, every detail there (even the toilets) is thought-through very well and the artist, Chaloemchai Kositpipa, has put so much work and effort into it. There was also a very nice art gallery on site.

Wat Rong Khun

In the evening we walked to the bazaar again to get something to eat and eventually just got the same noodles as the night before.

The next morning we hopped on the scooter again to go the Black House (Baan Dam). The entrance ticket seemed a bit pricey at first, but there was a lot more to see than what I had expected. Instead of one house, there were around 40 different buildings of all shapes and sizes scattered about in a peaceful garden. A lot of animal skins, skulls, horns, etc. were used in the decoration of those buildings (which is something I can’t entirely like), but it was fascinating nevertheless.

The Black House

In the evening we found ourselves at the same bazaar again. We initially went there searching for food, but that was the only thing we didn’t get. Instead, we walked to a place few streets from there, only to eat basically the same noodles again.

Tomorrow we have a 3-hour bus ride to Chiang Mai ahead of us. We will stay there for three nights also and on Monday we are visiting an elephant sanctuary, which I’m really excited for 😀

Stay tuned!



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